Well, you are on our website so hopefully by now you know what we do. But in case you need a little refresher, here is a quick line up of the services we provide to Multi Dwelling Unit Properties:

  • Basic Cable Television (Bulk or Retail (individually billed to each resident))
  • Digital Satellite Service (Bulk or Retail)
  • High Speed Internet Access (Bulk or Retail)
  • Telephone Service (Bulk or Retail)
  • Security Services (In Unit Alarms or Turn-Key Electronic Security Systems for entire Developments)

So why use our service? Property owners and Associations choose Broadband MDU because of our dedication to customer service and our understanding that the needs of every property owner, Association and resident are different from one another: more simply stated no two buildings are alike.

Our competitors don’t like diversity. They want everything to be the same so they can manage it easier. That makes sense. The only problem is, not everyone is the same. Different people want different products.

At Broadband MDU we embrace that diversity and use it to our advantage by custom designing programming packages that work for a particular property and not a geographic area. We know we won’t be able to satisfy everyone, but does that mean we shouldn’t try?

Some properties want more International programming; others want premium movie channels as part of their bulk programming. Some want more bandwidth in their property and for others the focus is domestic long distance. We work with the residents (or property owner) to determine what they want and not what we want to give them. This is how we have been able to remain successful in the most challenging environments and it is what will drive Broadband MDU well into the future.