• Dedicated bandwidth for your property only…Bandwidth is not shared between properties!
  • Always on connection…what else would it be, right?
  • Different rate plans for different types of use…
    This is why there is an express lane on the highway: different speeds for different needs!
  • Remember we mentioned Google TV in the TV section? Well, that gets connected to the Internet too. How else are you going to stream movies on Netflix, music on Pandora or Google search with your HD TV?
  • Want to go wireless? Yes, we can do it! If we haven’t already installed a Hot Spot in your property let us make one in your Living Room. All you need is a Wireless Cable Modem and you will be virtually wire free!

So, how are our services delivered to each property?

Every property is different so we can’t say that every one of our properties has a specific type of connection. Most of the properties we serve have a Fiber Optic connection for our Internet service and yet others are completely Wireless.

Regardless of the how the Internet gets to your property we are dedicated to building the most advanced data network to your front door ensuring the most reliable and consistently fast Internet access services will be provided to every Broadband MDU subscriber.