Google TV
  • Turn your TV into a web browser and use it like your computer
  • Connect Google TV to your Dish Network Receiver and get DVR access from your search bar
  • Access Netflix, Twitter, Pandora and more through Google TV
  • Create a TV Homepage giving you easy access to your favorite channels, apps and websites

Welcome to Google TV from Broadband MDU.

Using a Logitech Revue connected to your Dish Network receiver Broadband MDU subscribers can enjoy all of the enhanced functionality a system such as Google TV can provide.

To learn more, please visit Google TV then contact your Broadband MDU representative to order Google TV today.


Stream unlimited movies and TV shows from your television through Google TV
Special bandwidth packages for Netflix customers means no buffering during downloads and viewing

Netflix is changing the way we watch movies and shows. Now with Google TV you can stream Netflix movies through your Logitech Revue enabling you to view your Netflix downloads over your television.

Dish Network

Access over 300 digital channels of programming
The most International channels of any satellite provider
No dishes on your balcony or home are required when you use Broadband MDU’s master dish system
High Definition, Digital Video Recording and Pay Per View movie channels are all available

List of Dish Packages

Broadband MDU is proud to offer you digital satellite solutions through Dish Network. All Broadband MDU properties are designed to offer Dish Network services using our master satellite system. This means residents do not need to put a satellite dish on their balcony or home to receive the dish Network service. And because we also provide Internet and Telephone service, bundle your dish Network satellite service to save more money every month!

To learn more, please visit Dish Network then contact your Broadband MDU representative to order Dish Network today.